Beekeepers Honey

Acacia and
spring blossom

  • Appearance Pale amber,
  • Taste Temptingly
  • Weight 250g, 500g

Our honey from acacia and spring blossom has an
extremely delicate fragrance with a distinct
sweetness and tastes pleasantly mild. The nectar
for this speciality honey is collected by the bees
from a large number of fragrant flowers. This honey
stays liquid for a long time and goes particularly
well with tea and fruit salads.

Linden blossom

  • Appearance Deep amber,
  • Taste Strongly fragrant,
    lightly minty
  • Weight 250g, 500g

Our linden blossom honey is extremely distinctive:
a strong, striking taste and deep amber in colour.
The nectar for this speciality honey is collected
by the bees from the fragrant flowers of the linden
tree. They also bring home the honeydew droplets
from the linden leaves. The honeydew is partly
responsible for the linden blossom honey’s
typical tanginess.

Rapeseed and
spring blossom

  • Appearance Pale amber,
  • Taste Mild and
  • Weight 250g, 500g

When the fields exuberantly blossom, the bees get
to work on their huge menu of flowers and collect
the nectar for our rapsflower and spring blossom
honey. This fine classic is beautifully creamy with
a mildly aromatic taste.


  • Appearance Sunflower yellow,
  • Taste Floral, nutty
  • Weight 250g, 500g

Our aromatic sunflower honey is held in high
esteem by connoisseurs. The bees collect the
nectar for this creamy speciality honey in
huge sunflower fields that glow in the light
from afar. With an unmistakeable taste:
slightly tangy and yet mild, this wonderfully
spreadable honey is pure pleasure on bread or toast.


  • Appearance Dark, liquid
  • Taste Strong, tangy
  • Weight 250g, 500g

Our tangy forest honey is a gift from mixed
woodlands. Visiting coniferous and deciduous
trees, the bees collect honeydew – a sweet sap
that aphids suck out of the tree and leave
behind as clear, sticky droplets. Compared to
blossom honey, this speciality has a darker colour,
a noticeably stronger taste, and is less sweet.

blossom honey

  • Appearance golden,
  • Taste Sweet,
  • Weight 250g, 500g

We select nectar sources with a particularly
delicate aroma for our golden blossom honey.
We also prefer honey that remains liquid in the
jar for a long time. Enjoy our clear gold blossom
honey as a sweetener in tea and fruit salads.

blossom honey

  • Appearance Delicate amber,
  • Taste Aromatic, mild
  • Weight 250g, 500g

We primarily select nectar sources that crystallise
quickly for our spreadable blossom honey, which is
a mixture of various mild honeys. A delicious, mild,
and aromatic honey, wonderfully creamy,
and delicate amber in colour.

Summer blossom
New harvest

  • Appearance Clear gold,
  • Taste Strong, floral
  • Weight 250g

Our new summer blossom harvest captures the scent
and warmth of summer. We use strong-flavoured,
sweet and fragrant blossom honey collected by
bees from the colourful assortment of summer blossoms.